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There are lots of potential suppliers. Lots of good and not so good ones. We know this at Fayrefield Ingredients because the Managing Director and driver of the business used to be a Procurement Director himself for one of the worlds largest food manufacturers. Our aim is to always be considered as a leading ingredients supplier to the Food Industry in terms of service, quality, flexibility and lowest cost.

Fayrefield Ingredients can assist you in all aspects of your supply chain:

We promise you at Fayrefield Ingredients that we will take your precise needs and essential requirements very seriously indeed. We have the vision to see where we could take you through the innovation that our parent company, Fayrefield Food Group is so justly famous for. Just a few clicks around the site will show you our breadth and depth, our exciting NPD and our food industry recognition for that. But we can simultaneously hold your hand through the day to day nitty gritty of getting your dairy products there in full, on time and exactly the way you ordered them, at the most competitive price possible.

Service, quality and the right bottom line. Sounds too good to be true? Why don’t you try us and see. Actions have always spoken a lot louder than words.

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